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Marcel Nussbaumer Hospitality Consulting
Pesonal Assistant / Concierge / Personal Chef



  • Sending or picking-up post
  • Dry cleaning or tailor (pick-up and delivery of your clothes at your house or work)
  • Grocery shopping and delivery at your house or work
  • Waiting for a delivery or home repair at your house
  • Buying a last minute gift
  • Bringing your pet to the vet (cats, nice dogs)
  • Pet walking/exercise

Home & Family

  • Wine/drink/food shopping and deliver
  • Order flowers and arrange delivery
  • Entertain out-of-town guests
  • Schedule airport taxis 
  • Accept/schedule deliveries
  • Home sitting service
  • Pet sitting service
  • Anything else, please let me know


  • Help with any matters that you don’t have the time to do
  • Provide special occasion reminders and gift ideas
  • Collect a prescription, post office errands, get keys cut...
  • Order flowers and arrange delivery
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Schedule airport taxis
  • Bring and pick you up at the Airport
  • Courier 

Hospitality Consulting

  • Waiter
  • Chef
  • Menu & Food costing
  • Mystery Customer
  • Menu Design
  • Coaching
  • Customer Service Training

Personal Chef

If  you are looking for a special event to reward your clients for their loyalty or surprise your Family and Friends? Marcel  Nussbaumer is a classically trained European Chef with more then 25 years of experience in the International Hospitality Industry. I'm available for International assignments and to travel with you as your personal Chef! 

  • Personal Shopping Tours (for Dietary Requirements)
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Personal Cooking Lessons
  • Lunch meetings