Marcel Nussbaumer Hospitality Consulting

Tel: +41 79 610 6265



We mainly operate in the Canton of Zug & Zurich (Switzerland). People living in another area may contact us, however the hourly rate may vary depending on the distance and the difficulty to achieve the requests.

The charges directly related to the requests (dry cleaning, sendings, etc.) are not included, they are payable by the clients. MNH-Consulting can pay in advance and will invoice those charges separately.

We hold the right to refuse any request if we feel it is not in adequation with our commercial rules.

For International assignments please contact us to give you a Personalised quote.

Each client is treated Individually, in a personalised way.

Privacy Statement

My MNH-Consulting respects the privacy of all its clients.

All information collected help us to provide you with the best possible service. This information is held in strict confidence and is used for internal purposes only. This information is not shared with any external parties or with other clients.